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Originally Posted by josh1147 View Post
How about a "super-camaro"....just like the ZR-1 vette. Give the folks who are willing to pay for it the abiliity to go through a TRUE pre-order/special order process where we can get the LS7/LS9, cloth or leather, add JetStream blue, wider rear wheels, ability to add GMPP parts via RPO/LPO.....

And yes, I do see this costing $60K or more to accomplish, just to set expectations. It's obvious that the days of real super-performance vehicles is coming to a close due to all of the "tree huggers" out there so let's go wild one last time.

GM doesn't have to advertise this it through the enthusiast forums and you'll see enough. This would be a limited edition just like the Ron Fellows, ZRs, etc....and PLEASE don't put the z28 badging on it...this is BETTER than a z28!

I like this idea! Basically, bring back the COPO while we still can!!! Not that I could afford it, but it would be cool to see this option "secretly" available again. Other than that, I would like to see:

1. Z/28
2. HUD
3. T-Tops
4. "Real" Hugger Orange available
5. Houndstooth Cloth Interior Option
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