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Looking for a Pace Car...Dealer does not come through again!!

Any dealers out there have any 2011 Pace Cars available to purchase? I am actually looking for two 6 speed cars!!

I had one on order for myself and one for a friend and even received a confirmation fax of the orders from the dealer. They are a large dealer and I was told by the sales rep they were getting Five Pace Cars, three were sold and two are available for order. So, I send over all of my info, get confirmation of the orders back at MSRP, and wait to hear more. I asked for a buyers order and was told the cars get ordered "differently" than a regular order. i asked if they wanted a deposit, and I was told no, they do not need one at this time.

Now, I get a call 10 minutes ago, and I am told there is bad news...... They are only getting ONE Pace Car, and it is already Sold. I am not getting one.

The explanation I got was that they were told by their district Rep they were getting five. Now, GM Supposedly called and said only one per dealer to the top 400 dealers in the country. I was told by the sales rep that he is trying to get me a car from another dealer that might not have theirs sold, but I honestly don't know what to think at this point.

Fbodfather, can you or someone else at GM Please verify this for me? This is coming from the Same dealer that I tried to buy a Pace Car from last year, and at the last minute, I was told my trade is worth $5,000 less than the initial number I was given, then I was told they never gave me the first number.

I am a little unsure now if the allocation thing is true or a made up excuse since they never took a deposit or sent me a buyers order.

This is not sitting well with a person that currently owns 9 GM Vehicles and has owned close to 100 over the past 30 years.
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