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Sh*t, if I could wait two years I would, but I need it now...or do I...should I cancel?!!!

The whole, "Blow you away thing" can only mean supercharger.

The paint thing must mean some of the REAL colors from back in the day, along with painted factory stripes instead of the stupid vinyl ones!

I could only hope for T-Tops!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Would also want a much quicker constant steering ratio, (12.7-1) instead of what we're getting (16.1-1 variable rate).

The most stout suspension possible, so we don't have to waste time taking it in after we get it.

As big of a direct injection V8 as the Government will allow! (But being I live...I mean exist in California, I don't like my chances.)

Factory tinted windows done to the customers preference and state of residence, so we don't have to waste time taking it in after we get it.

I never thought of side exhaust, but love the idea!

Heck, I could write a book, but I need two things right now. First, I need some sleep. Second, I need some WINNING lotto tickets!!!
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