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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
dude, why are we getting all these conflicting stories, and why such bad planning? They should have built the impalas, removed that color from the possibilities, and switched over by now.
Good in theory -- now...shut down the Impala plant due to suck-economy...that would make building them kind of a problem, yes?

Not bad planning. Bad timing.

Originally Posted by HeavyRightFooT View Post
Nnooooooooo !!!! More of driving my crappy beater Hynudai ... This is not cool ... NOT COOL !!

Good thing I don't plan my bizz like they plan theirs ... I'd be out of customers by now... And thinking production was initially suposed to start next week.... what a joke !
The joke, my that you used huge red letters when you don't seem to understand exactly what's going on here. Cyber Gray is totally dependent on the Impala's gray being finished. The Impala's gray will not be Cyber Gray has to wait in line.

It makes far more sense to delay CGM in this circumstance, because as far as you or I know, an 'on time' Cyber Gray car could take longer to deliver than a delayed Cyber Gray car. We'd never know...if not for this forum.

This is good business, they're filling ordered Impala orders...ya know -- those folks who bought an Impala over say...a Camry...wouldn't want to give them any reason to regret that, right? Like...screwing them over because the Camaro guys are whining?
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