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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
The problem I have with this information is that the car is scheduled to be released next April. The new ZL1 starts production Jan. 2012 and gets to dealers in March 2012. I don't think the Z28 will come into showrooms a month later.

I think they are guessing GM will announce it in April 2012, and bring it to production a year later.

If you read the C&D article, they live a lot of wiggle room for variables, but I see a lot of truth to their reporting.

The ZL1 WAS the Z28, GM changed their minds.

The most interesting conjecture is that the Z28 may have the LS7. That's a torquey a meat a ball!

And how about the GEN V tidbits. I found Direct Injection info a year ago, related to future GM inventory. CD is right on the money there.

GEN V debut will probably be limited to C7 at first - I also saw a ramp-up in GEN V volume after late 2012 launch.

But when the GEN V's hit Camaro, it's a whole new ball game.
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