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Calling Phoenix, AZ peeps. Need some help.

Guys, we are looking at several different routes for the Fest cruise.

But, we have run into snags being some routes are too long, some too short, some have road construction issues, county line boundries, etc.

I'm interested in seeing some routes some of ya'll can come up with. We're looking for 35 to 40 more than 40, though. Time wise, we are looking at an hour drive. We are trying to avoid as many lights and crowded areas as possible. We want the cruise to move along as fast as possible while avoiding as much traffic and residential areas as we can. But, we'd also like to have some scenery. Thoughts?

If any of ya'll want to give it a shot and lay down a few routes, it would be helpful. Our first cruise was VERY memorable...and we'd sure like to have this be a highlight of the weekend.

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