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Question 2nd gen Firebird

my mom and i were running errands yesterday, and we spotted a second gen firebird (70-73 i think) sitting in the back of a local garage/dealer's lot. we stopped and i took a quick peek at it. there was a for sale sign in the window... 1200 bucks. I didn't see any *noticable* rust, it needs a bit of work, (repainted, new seats, etc) i didn't get a chance to look at the engine bay, but it looks solid. I'm gonna be getting my taxes back in like 2 weeks, and I'm thinking about buying it. Is there anything that I should look for that would make it not worth buying?


just got back from the garage, I talked to the owner, and found out a few more things. it's a 1973, has a 400 ci V8 and a 400 turbo tranny. the guy said it ran good when he got it, and it has been sitting there for a bit. he asked if i wanted to take it home, and i told him i was thinking about it. he said 800 bucks and it's mine. looked at the undercarriage, and it has some surface rist, but nothing too bad.

any input on the quirks or red flags that i should be aware of would be helpful and appreciated. I'm gonna try to get the car after i get my taxes back. (should be like 2 weeks).
thanks, Rob
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