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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post
I just ordered the RX catch can. They can color match your car.
sounds good, i will look into this... i used to have one for my last car from Billet Tech.

Originally Posted by =Stephens= View Post
True that! I did the same, and took the resonators off of mine. 788.00 installed. Sound has a nice deep roar to it.
jeez, was that the axel back flowmaster???? i got mine for about $300 installed!

Originally Posted by GameOver620 View Post
What about an ss conversion kit? I would like to see pics of this if anyone has done it
those kits dont give u 100whp so i wouldnt waste my money

Originally Posted by Camaro8810 View Post
CAI and Exhaust are on my short list as well. I just cant decide on which one to go with first. If tint were legal here in NJ i'd already have jumped on that a long time ago. Still debating on whether or not to just do it anyway. I see plenty of drivers around here with tint. But of course, I will be the one to get pulled over for it.
just go for it! i have 5% tint and live in NJ, i've been pulled over a few times but never for my tint
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