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Originally Posted by BustedCrank View Post
3500lbs for this platform is not going to happen. Doesn't sound like 5.5l is either, expect 5.3 and 6.2l for the new engines.
I can't see it being that hard to drop 350-400 pounds off this platform. Go back to 18" rims, put in a lighter/smaller displacement engine, lighter suspension components, remove the back seat, etc.....

The Z06's LS7 weighs in @ 458 pounds, the LS3 is 415 pounds. Both of these engines are dated and the 5.5L is already in use in the Corvette GT2 race car. That is a pretty good indication that it will be hitting the streets in the Corvette. I can't see it being over 350 pounds. That is 1/5 the weight the car needs to loose, and a good chunk off the front end.
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