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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
picked up my car today from newtech. currently im pushing 561hp,515tq. the car sounds like a beast. its impossible for me to keep it quiet....its pretty damm loud even at a stop light. I have to figure out some way to keep the sound down cause it will probably get me pulled over. Any ideas? maybe wrap my exhaust pipes or anything to lessen the drone? havent really stepped on it yet because its wet; got to 4k rpms in second and i lost traction....with traction control on! I'll be going down a couple pulley sizes and hopefully pull to 600hp. Nick suggested I go with Meth Injection and could easily pull above 650hp....not sure i want that at this point! I'm gunna try and get a couple vids this thursday if it dries up a bit!
Fantastic numbers. There's some info on this forum about the pros and cons of the meth kits. I believe DDavis has the kit so you can ask him about it. I know that feeling is like to be able to easily spin the tires with the traction control on. The weather should be decent on Friday, can't wait to see and hear your beast.
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