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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
I guess I should have re-phrased it. I do not think that the ZL1 will continue on to the Alpha chassis with a S/C 6.2 engine. Everything seems to point to a downsizing of engines to meet efficiency and CAFE requirements. If they do continue the ZL1 nameplate it will be with a smaller DI engine that hopefully makes the same power. The current ZL1 will be the last of the "Big Blocks" for quite some time.
I agree this is going to be what happen with the next generation; but why not? If we can get better efficiency from a smaller package while giving the same power - why not? This is exactly why I can't watch the 5th Generation go by without getting one - because I fear this will be the last of the larger V8 engines we'll see. This car has the best balance of character, charisma, performance, and ergonimics of any car I've laid eyes on. I can't imagine a car I'd like as much as this one.

I seriously hope for Z28 to return in a year or two. It'd be nice to see a '13 C7 and have Z28 reintroduced sharing the same Gen V engine; maybe downrated a bit. It's going to need some serious power, but I think it'll do great so long as the chassis is sorted.
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