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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Good in theory -- now...shut down the Impala plant due to suck-economy...that would make building them kind of a problem, yes?

Not bad planning. Bad timing.

The joke, my that you used huge red letters when you don't seem to understand exactly what's going on here. Cyber Gray is totally dependent on the Impala's gray being finished. The Impala's gray will not be Cyber Gray has to wait in line.

It makes far more sense to delay CGM in this circumstance, because as far as you or I know, an 'on time' Cyber Gray car could take longer to deliver than a delayed Cyber Gray car. We'd never know...if not for this forum.

This is good business, they're filling ordered Impala orders...ya know -- those folks who bought an Impala over say...a Camry...wouldn't want to give them any reason to regret that, right? Like...screwing them over because the Camaro guys are whining?
Hi Dragoneye,

No attitude meant, but as you will notice if you read the sentence a second time the red "not cool" refers to the beginning of the very sentence where I point out the fact this could make me drive my crappy beater Hyundai one more month while I have a Camaro 2ss in order ... so I'll maintain in Huge red ... not cool.

Other than that, please take the remaining of the very message the way that will make you the most comfortable.
Some peoples think this kind of thing just happens, falls out of the sky, or just plain bad luck...
Some other think that GM could still be #1 if it had been a little more open to change and innovation. Some even think it was pretty much hanging to a branch ready to free-fall even before the crisis...
Some automotive manufacturers even still succeed to manage the crisis without being on the verge of collapse...

All this to say point of views are point of views. And because mine is different of yours doesn't mean it's wrong, that I don't understand, or that writing in red is the joke because it irritates your understanding of the post.

Cyber gray met is delayed one month, after the production is being delayed one month.. this is getting on the nerves of the Camaro customer I am. Call it bad luck, impala orders, crisis, good Business, it's all ok. I'll call it another of these things that make GM fall while some other don't, and again say that in my Biz I would have been out of a job if I had treated my consumers like that. And believe me it's a fact.

Again no arm or attitude meant, this is just my Camaro customer opinion, but it's not because it's different than yours that it's a joke or that I have a wrong understanding of the situation, my friend.

I will stand behind my order because I love the car, the company however is just slightly starting to irritate me.



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