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ARGH! Don't fit

First pic shows the main clamp to remove, then the installed FM 3" X pipe...

Then begins the drama.

Note the nearly 2" space shown between the back "V" brace and the center mount...had it been a centemeter or something small, perhaps a few washer.. but this was a big a$$ gap! And, although not distinct by the pics, the actual muffler itself was an extremely tight fit- I could only imagine the rattle if it ran...

The V braces were affixed to the frame, a middle point at the rear schock/spring and the center point at the rear (as pictured)... the center location on the spring, was torqued down EXTREMELY tight, there was no removing that with hand tools... so we left it be, causing the rear portion to be a royal pain in moving to allow clearance for removal/installation of the system.
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