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So today almost felt like my birthday
I got home from teaching and found a few surprises waiting on me...
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After all this website did for me I figured the least Mina and I could do was show a little support back. So, I ordered myself a shirt and Mina some body art...
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I also ordered a car cover (Poor Mina is literally yellow with all our pollen), a "whiteout" rear panel vinyl, and white thin gill vinyls.
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I did the rear panel first. It required A LOT of patience, but in the end and with a little help from a heat gun I managed to get it on neatly. Unfortunately the day was gone by the time I was done, so my only pic for now is blurry...
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Now onto the most frustrating and difficult piece I put on (for now lol)...the thin gill vinyls. First, I'd like to say I know I should have waited and had them put on professionally. And yes, I also know that you get what you paid for ($14.95). But even using the wet application method these lil' pieces of white tape were the biggest p.i.t.a! I ended up stretching one out, could not get any of them to follow the curve of the gill, and all they convinced me of doing is going ahead and having them painted in.
So, it's safe to say I'll be pulling these off after I visit a paint shop and let them "guess" at what I was attempting to do
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But it's all a learning process, and it's always nice to spend a sunny FL afternoon with the one you love hahahahaha...
Happy Modding!
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