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Tonight we'll be talking about the parts we need to order.

The mods are about to begin. Husband ready? More than ready! Kids ready? You bet! Camera ready? Check. Am I ready???? I think so, I have a hard time looking at all the Camaro's being taken apart. Don't get me wrong, I have complete faith in the my husband & son-in-law working on my car, but I'm only use to seeing a Jeep all in pieces and always sucessfuly put back together. I guess I've seen our friends Mustang all apart being restored at our house, but it wasn't ours. But...the surgery is about to begin.

Yes, I will be out helping as much as I can. Time to hire a babysitter!

You know as soon as we start working on it the weather will be nice.... And I/we can't go out for a drive.
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