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Originally Posted by 2010_BumbleBee View Post
I know it's probably here in the millions of threads, BUT I want to see some feedback on the different types of suspension packages. IE... BMR PFADT PEDDERS etc..

What do you recommend and why? Chime in REP's, your info is valuable also....

I want to lower, a little, and upgrade the the drivability of the car. NOT turning it into a race car, but a better performing driver.

I was looking at the PFADT stage 3, but $2000 seems a little much. Also considering BMR... Springs, Sway's and EL's and maybe sub-frame's?

Thanx for your input....
I did a lot of researching and went with BMR, I bought just about everything they have for our cars.. They have been around for a LONG time and i used to use their stuff on a TON of 4th gen camaro/firebirds i would work on.

Their bang for the buck is almost impossible to beat. Apex Chase hooke me up with all my stuff or you could go through BMR directly.

Like 2quick said, for you I would start with lowering springs and sway bars (BMR just happens to have a nice spring and sway bar package). Then go from there.
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