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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
The Autometer Cobalts gauges would look sic and match the colors of the Blue Beast very well... They are a little pricey... but... Check them out if you haven't... What sold me on them was seeing them up close in a HHR being prepped for the Texas Mile...

I was told the mechanical boost gauge is quicker to respond and it's quite a bit less then the electronic version... Fuel pressure, I went with electronic since I certainly don't want fuel inside the car...
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. The local shop swears by PLX multi purpose guages (shows 4 categories on a single guage, comes with remote for programming). But a single or dual guage just for my own knowledge on when I'm making what boost would be nice.

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Woops! Yeah, sarge!....I meant it THAT way!

i love playing with my radar I was NB 281 the other night and this guy in front of me is about 10 over the limit. Nothing big...he's driving fine..just fast. I get up right behind him thinking he'll see my light bar in the rear view. Nope...keeps on truckin' at 75. Then I see that little red dot on the windshield. Hrm...could it be?

****flips on the radar****


,,,,and we are ON with the brakes!!!

Now lookie who happened to look up in his rear view mirror to see the popo just tryin' to make our roads safer...hahaha...

Yeah, it was funny. And no, there was no traffic stop. He quickly got the point.

This reminds me of this...

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