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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Well, trials and tribulations hit home...

Apparently the motor delivered is not the motor ordered... I'll be at the shop first thing in the morning to talk with Corey.

He sent me a text message late this afternoon while my wife and I were eating dinner on the way to Cirque Do Soleil, and told me the motor wasn't right... He had tried to get ahold of the company, but they were closed for the evening... so, he texted the builder sales rep he works with, he sent a fax, he sent an email and left voice messages. He is going to be on the phone with me there listening at 7:00 am... They did send a 427, and it has all forged internals, but, it doesn't have the Callies crank or the upgraded rods... We are planning on lots of boost, so... these were important...

Here is the delimma...

If we go with this motor, are we limited to future boost levels, and if we wait on the other motor, my car may not be ready for the Fest...

I've tried to stay relatively sane about it.... my wife is pretty impressed so far...

I really like the idea of an over engineered motor rather than one that is running on the ragged edge... so... Time will tell.. I'll know more in the morning...

If they can get the replacement motorout within a week, I'll make them get me the new one, if not, it's tough decision time... We waited two and a half months for this one... I do not want to miss the fest... but at the same time I dont want to be severly restricted in future plans...
Oh, man...that's not cool news... :(

You have plans and quite frankly, I'd stick with them. Build the motor the right way and get it done the way you wanted it. If not, you could very well be kicking yourself in the pants down the road. There will always be more Fests... It would seriously stink not being able to drive it out there. But, .... just my humble opinion, do it like how you had planned.
Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Whoa... that's pretty tough news... I don't think there's any question you should follow your original plan and get the right motor... Car or no car the fest will still be there and so should you... Man I sure hope they can jump through hoops and make this right...

Good Luck..
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