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Well, this went a little better than the stripes, however not without another mild-to-major catastrophe...

For starters, I have a pic of the parts laid out beforehand. Being my car is white, I wanted to paint the air-box to match. Even this was more drama than expected... between dust, a "ghost" yellow showing up in one section(???) and an out-of-nowhere tropical storm blowing my freshly painted and drying part down the concrete driveway, I finally got it done. I also removed the K&N orange/red sticker from the tube (Goo Gone works AWESOME!)

Installation was EASY! I have a few pics along the way. The hardest part perhaps, was reaching and unclipping the vent tube. I tried getting a pick of that, but it's kinda blurry. Over all simple.

Only real problem came with intalling the fitting that connects the exhaust tube from the Polished pipe to the small plastic vent tube. The connector is plastic and screw into the pipe. Well, appearantly they were not matched well, as after trying, retrying and retrying again (to screw it straight into the pipe) I ended up applying too much pressure and snapped it off inside the tube. Now I had no way to remove the broken piece from the inner threads, and no way to connect the hose. After an hour or so of trial and error, I ended up rigging a Bic pen, some JB Weld, silicone sealant and Black Duct tape... viola- its connected! Other than that, piece of cake.

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