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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Nope. It's like a butterfly. Yes, technicaly it's a larvea or whatever when it's in a cacoon, then it becomes a butterfly. BUT, it was always a butterfly. I'm still L99 becasue it was that way at birth.

(and we all know it's really about the tranny, lol)

If I do the install myself, It'll be easier to not do the conversion. Plus, if I find the right cam in VVT, then the number of cam options won't matter. I can only pick one. Could be I need to find the cam and THEN make the decision?

But.... why?

Yes please. Find the thread.

More options in cams is good, but if my choice were found in a VVT cam anyway, then it woldn't matter. But I haven't really looked yet.

It's the specs that I don;t have a clue what means.

I'm basically mailing down the VVT or Conversion decision before going any further. Could be that I need to approach it from the other end.

I just want to get opinions and info first.

Here's the thread I was talking about. He had a VVT cam setup and the car worked fine. But when he put a supercharger on his car he ran into some issues.
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