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Originally Posted by Huggerorange73 View Post

Just a couple of things.

A VVT cam requires a skilled tuner to make it fly....given that the fact you couldn't find a local guy good enough to tune just your blower, this could be a big factor in your final choice.

VVT cams are going to run on the smaller side due to the lifters, so you're going to take a hit on power. However, the smaller cam would ding you less on the boost hit.

LS3 conversion costs more, but has less headaches and is simplier to work with/tune.

Also....match your cam choice to your stall..HAVE A PLAN! This is very important in the big picture. Smaller VVT cams could very well fly without a stall, larger cams will without question require a stall to be driveable. Don't do one without the other.

Last, but for sure not least ( and this one will sound crazy, but hear me out ) You're sitting at 470 RWHP right now and can't put it down, but yet you're chasing even more HP. Here's what I on your suspension set up including a nice sticky tire. If you can put down what you're using, you just may find that you already have all the power you need.

I'm only throwing that last bit of advice out there, because that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm sitting at 470 RWHP and wanted to slap a blower on top....but after I thought more about it, adding more power would just compound the launching problems I already have. I went out and bought bushings/trailing arms, etc and as soon as I can I'm getting set of drag radials then heading back out to the strip.

Just some things to think about as you make your next move brother!
Nailed it right on the head... PQ read this over 3 more times please...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

I'm fine on the street. I have no real reason to try and launch from a dead stop. I do have occasion to punch it from 55 or 65 mph. lol
I think what I meant, didn't come across in what I wrote. You can't have a decent size cam without a TC, but you can install a TC separate from the cam, so do it as the first step and get that part out of the way
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