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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Nailed it right on the head... PQ read this over 3 more times please...

I think what I meant, didn't come across in what I wrote. You can't have a decent size cam without a TC, but you can install a TC separate from the cam, so do it as the first step and get that part out of the way
Fair enough. But what if I want the cam before the stall?

Is there a decision in that it's self? Or just a mild cam either way. I'd rather do the stall later. But I don't want to do anything stupid.

Originally Posted by jsharp View Post
Mine is in this week for a TC and blower cam via LS3 conversion. VVT will not allow you all of the options a conversion would with cam selection as of now; in the future I am sure more and more will become available. The weak point that most will sway you to a conversion with is the lifters. If you want to be cost effective go VVT and if you want a full selection of options and stronger lifters go LS3 conversion. As is always true you get what you pay for. Also do know there is a VVT cam with and without afm so you can still get a VVT cam and retain AFM through some cams from Texasspeed but there is more power to be had without AFM. Also you will limit yourself even further without a stall as you will have cam surge with larger cams that gain 30rwhp or more and that is a bad feeling so you may want to stay with a smaller cam or get ready real quick to get a TC.
I'm leaning conversion but I'd sure like to get the same power, reliability, and total benefit from a VVT since it would be easier.
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