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Heritage Grill

I am not a big fan of the standard grill. I suppose they were going for a 1969 look but overdid the grate size to my eyes. But grill preferences are an individual thing. The Heritage grill is a major improvement to me. I looked around and found that with a black car an unpainted Heritage grill looks good.

For the lighter colors a painted grill looks awesome. I have a compressor and paint guns but decided for now at least to leave the grill unpainted. I also wanted to get rid of the giant gold chevy insignia front and rear. So the end result here is a cleaner looking car and the only badging that remains is the rear SS and the CAMARO on both fenders. I might move the rear SS to the center later once I decide on striping.

Of course the mail slot in the front tells those in the know that this is an SS or at least a V6 with the V8 front fascia. Works for me.

I put the grill in when the temps were below freezing. My foyer made a great grill workshop. The boot made a great prop.

This whole operation made my huge hyper-active dog very nervous.

Clean front view:

Clean rear view:

I left the rear SS there so Mustangs will know what this is.
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