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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Cool. Thank you for the clarification. Endlink noises for OE and aftermarket brands can frequently be solved by:

1. Squaring the joint to the mounting surface. The joint should the square to the sway bar and the strut tab. This allows the joint to work without binding. Sometimes when you tighten the bolt the entire endlink will shift out of position and create a bind. This can cause a noise or damage the endlink. Check the articulation and make sure they are correct.

2. Tighten the bolts. GM has a relatively low torque value for the endlink hardware. I really hate to type this -- make them mechanic tight. If you want to feel more sophisticated use the German torq spec Gudentight.

Let me know if this helps.
Thanks, I was careful during installation to install them in a position that allowed for the greatest range of motion. I will re-evaluate. If I can't get this issue corrected I may have to invest in your endlinks. Just seems a shame to spend the money when mine only have a few hundred miles on them.
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