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Originally Posted by badgebunny View Post
10.87?!?! HOLY CRAP!!
It felt took off like a rocket!

Originally Posted by rickyred4.8 View Post
dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bro nice sick ride I have to go wash all the rubber off the back!

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
WoW... just Wow... wish I could have hung around for that one. I'd spent enough time at the track on my annaversary and the Rodeo was calling...
Completely understand. You gotta keep your priorities straight.

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Dude, that is just sic...

Amazing, Loving it...

your tuner is doing you well... and I love hearing how you ran away fro that Porsche all the way down the track...and I'm also liking that you got the MT's to a 1.6 60 ft... I should be able to hook also...
Yea...he didn't know what hit him. I talked to him afterward, and he was really cool. I was definitely happy with my numbers...I've only been to the track a few times.

Originally Posted by jrrod6410 View Post
You guys just wait for the vids.......He treed the shit outa that Porsche

He didnt know what happened And then when the Porsche couldnt catch up...........priceless

That guy was so pissed that he went straight to stage again between rounds and ran his car another 3 times in a row trying to improve......but he couldnt hit 10's again Guess he didnt realize how hot those turbo cars can get in our Houston heat
Thanks for sticking around and helping me get my burnouts straight!
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