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PM sent for some more info from the original poster. This is the first failure at that bracket that we've seen, so I'm likely to say that this is a strange isolated incident.

As far as the springs are concerned they are a progressive rate spring, meaning there are different spring rates at different parts of spring compression. The coils that you're looking at are at the extremely light side of that progressive rate and are used to achieve the proper free length while the car is at full droop, they are actually designed to stack together while the car is on the ground or under compression. This is the way they are designed, and the factory springs do the same. The springs are working exactly as designed and we see no issues with the spring at all.

There is a lifetime warranty extended to the original owner of our springs. Should the original owner ever experience a spring failure please let us know. The original poster has absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to our springs and we are gathering more information about the bracket.
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