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Originally Posted by DkknightX View Post
Who cares about the Z-28 now?! Do you want GM to commit suicide and prevent any chance they might have to somehow survive this mess and keep working on versions of this Camaro that won't sell enough to make it worthwhile for the company?! Seriously. Get your priorities straight people!
GM does, GM is no different than any other business in that it will produce what people are willing to buy so long as they can make a margin of profit even if it be small.

As for Priorities, priorities are a matter of dates, as of now they are not looking to come out with new they are streamlining to stop the financial bleeding. That is right now. In the future they are going to look to make adjustments to what they have and introduce some new trim levels which very easily could include a Z/28.

No matter the size of a production line profit is profit no matter where it comes from. Don't think for one minute they are going to just turn their back on the Camaro especially when the car is generating so much press.
People keep saying this isn't the time to be coming out with the Camaro in general and I disagree. This is a great time to see this car, it helps to elevate spirits and show that GM is dedicated to giving it's customers the products that it wants.
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