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$2.99 Halo/DRL! Also LED DRL, mailslot, front, rear black outs on my Vert!

I guess all these mods belong in this forum.

I had some time to throw some more of my mods on the vert. I installed my LED daytime running lights, front, rear, mailslot black outs and my favorite and easiest mod yet i wired my halos to my DRL. Installing the LED and wiring them was stupid easy and all the vinyl stuff was pretty easy also. I have never done any vyvil before so I was pretty nervous, but it all went on pretty good. I had a lot of bubbles to get rid of and I got all the big ones but gave up on the little ones. Luckily most if not all of the little ones disappeared on their own. The vinyl kit was VERY well made but I do wish the front black out was a little bit longer. I put it as far back as possible because I didn't want that sliver of IOM showing between the black out and the grill. The black out could be about an 1/8" longer but then again it might start to peel easier if the vinyl came right up to the bumper edge. It looks great the way it is so I'm happy. I encourage anyone to not be afraid to try this out!

Still have to paint my tail light bezels flat black and smoke my tail lights, reverse lights and side markers. I'm also going to paint the chrome part of my bow ties IOM and put the flat black vinyl bow ties that came with the kit over the gold part. I have to figure out where to put the center cap bow ties that came with the kit, since I won't be running these wheels for long.

Here is the DIY thread for wiring the halos to the DRL.

Total cost of today's mods $155.96
LED DRL $53.98
Vinyl black out kit $98.99 (ugh, just found it for $45.56)
Quick splices $2.99
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