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Collectable motor is the limited run ZL1 427, but they're all sold now I believe...See what I mean?

Originally Posted by Gary B View Post
NOTHING made today is "collectable" due to the fact things are always made better. The last collectable was the Buick GNX. Z06, ZL1....all get better with time, of course after this economy thing gets behind us. At one point we thought the 90's ZR1 and Vipers would be collectables...get a look at used prices for thos cars??
I understand what you're saying, but that's not entirely true. Anything is collectable, but few things are more valuable with time. Some things are a given, like the above mentioned 427, but the LS9, well, time will tell. A good example is the only GM built 3rd gen Camaro LT5 car in existence, and it sold for what...50 g's? That's insanely cheap! If I would have known that would happen, I would have been on the phone bidding. I would bet you that car is going to be 10x that in 20 years.
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