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Originally Posted by DesertG8 View Post
i have the 3600 fti stall on my g8. my friend used hp tuners to unlock it on wot. vs. the stock tune when it locks in 4th it is actually a tenth quicker and almost two miles per hour faster with it unlocked at wot. there is software which allows for partial throttle lockup which i do have. even with that once in a while at 40 to 50 mph the rpm will drop a couple of hundred rpm and come back up again. but no big deal.
We never advertise a tenth quicker, but see it on some cars. It is one of the best bangs for the $$ as far as 1/4 mile ET improvement. Lots of good TC's out there, but have yet to see any outperform the FTI units and have been racing these cars long enough to use and sell them only now.
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