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Tinted rear/side/reverse lights, blacked out rear bezels/side gills on my Vert Ginger

I'm getting closer and closer to finishing up my flat black out look!

I installed my tinted light film set on my car last night. The side markers were ridiculously easy, the reverse lights were a little tricky. Make sure you use plenty of application fluid (i used the left over bottle of soap and water I had used on my front and rear black outs) and DO NOT press down hard until you have the film positioned exactly where you want it. I kept hitting my unlock button on my remote so the reverse lights would light up and I could see if the film was evenly laid out. The tail lights were a lot harder. I took them completely out since I was gonna paint my rear bezels anyways and this helped out a lot! The two inner lights are easier so I would recommend you do those first to practice. The two outer lights have a curve towards the bottom of the light and i messed up one light to where i have a very small crease in the film. The second outer light came out great since I knew what not to do. It was still a VERY time consuming process to get all the wrinkles out, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks. I also took a half way point pic so you can see the darkness difference.

The side gills came out ok, not as straight as I would have liked but good enough to stay on. These are the only mod I wasn't sure about if I wanted to keep on there or not, luckily they were cheap so if i didn't like them I was only out $17. That is why i opted for the thinner looking outlined ones instead of the big thick ones everybody uses. Turns out I like them, very subtle and not to overpowering. I was afraid with them being so cheap the quality would be horrible, but i was surprised at how nice they were and they were even labeled what sequence to put them on!

he chrome bezels were really throwing off the look of the rear of my car so I was really excited to finally do them. Pulling out the bezels was a royal pain! The easiest way i found was to use a flat head and twist pry them out from the top while unhooking the tabs from behind. I also have never painted any trim pieces myself so I didn't know how much to scuff them up with the scotch bright pad or how many coats of flat black to use. I roughed up each of them for about 10 min and did three coats of flat black. For my first do it your self trim pain job I was VERY impressed!

Total cost of this stage was exactly $44.99
$17.01 for the side gills
$24.99 for the light black out kit
$2.99 for the Krylon flat black rattle can

Only thing left is to get my flat black 18" F14s, remover the side camaro emblems (might leave them off or put on black ones, not sure yet) and do the front/rear bow ties and front SS emblem IOM oultined with flat black in the middle, the rear SS emblem will be flat black with IOM in the middle.

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