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This is the way I see it in Nashville. It's the union because I went to haul some of the cars out of the train yard where they come into Nashville and the Union is at the gates not want us to take the cars and trucks out to get them to the dealers. We have had things thrown at us and yelled about crossing the lines! It might have started with the companies but it's the union that wont let us get the dealers cars. I don't know the details about the talks between the companies but as far as the actions at the train yard it's all Union. I agree with comment that a lot of businesses are having to give pay cuts because of bad times. So what makes the truckers any better than the rest of us? It's better than no job or not making money like they are doing now. In the long run WE are going to pay for this through unemployment because they are going to loss lots of jobs over this. Just my input.
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