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Originally Posted by L05ER View Post
i've always disliked the idea of unions... since i was born in the late 20th century not the late 19th century. maybe it's a little personal for me, owning my own company and all.

it's all business, if the workers refuse to take a pay cut and the customer refuses to pay the new cost of business... well i'd just say screw em both. close down and let the employees find new jobs and customers find new companies.

GM is just as much to blame for the current scenario as anyone. take the 15% (what are we talking here $100 per car max?!) hit and find a new shipper... it beats disappointing customers and HOPING they see it as allied's fault.
by the way,i dislike unions as well,it drives cost's up and a union member can loaf at work all day on an 8 hour shift and maybe actually work 2-3 hrs. out of a day and an employer can't touch them,
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