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Originally Posted by mxkx250 View Post
I personaly would like to see a leather delete on a 2SS. Give me am 800 or 1000 discount. I don't care for leather at all. Otherwise if the 4 pack gauges were an option I would go that way. I would probaly get the colored panels from parts even without the ABL just for looks.
For me the C&C isn't that important. I will only be driving on nice summer days. My 2 other Camaros were driven less than 1000 miles last year. My 08 Cobalt SS has steering wheel controls but it is so foreign to me that I always use the radio buttons. You don't have that much control with these controls anyway. Volume and mute yes but you have to change chanels by going up one preset at a time. And XM is even harder to find what you want.
I am planning on the 4-pack gauge being available at the dealer and installing myself; therefore I am going with the 1SS and saving a few grand.
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