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I pulled Kaylee into one of the empty bays at the fire station to do some wiring. I recently bought fieldgoal's wireless DRL harness, but had been having problems with it. Jeff (Fieldgoal) suggested that I take it out and send it to him so he could look at it. Well what do you know, I'm getting to taking it all apart and bam! I find out the the ground for the harness isn't screwed in all the way. Needless to say I fixed that problem and shazam! Wireless DRLs.

With that set up I'm thinking about redoing my wiring set ups. I could just run my RGB scanner ground to the remote box and control it that way. Instead of having a switch for it on the center console. Then I could also wire all of the halos into the remote as well, not sure if I like that idea yet. But we will see.

I'm just happy I figured out why the harness wasn't working. Damn thing was expensive.

On another note: Lets talk modding.

I have been exchanging emails with Jason from Grabiak Performance Center and I've got a long list of mods that I'm looking to get done.

- powder coat wheels black chrome or gloss black. I'm going with powder coating because A) it doesnt cost too much and B) its more durable.

- repainting trunk lid (spoiler chipping) and reinstalling my street scene spoiler.

- powder coating my calipers cobalt blue. Again more durable than paint.

- possibly ACS T3 bumper ports

- SURPRISE. I need to talk to Jason to see if this is possible, but I really really hope it is. Lets just say I'll be the 2nd camaro with this mod
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