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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Fraternizing with the enemy! Danger, Will Robinson!

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Hey I didn't tell him how to fix it.... In fact I told him the tire and the fender are supposed to touch .... it helps prevent body roll...

Didn't work smarty.

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
Less air = Less bounce as well
So drain the air from tires.

Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
Maybe... but once you put the preload in, there will be room, as the bottom spring perch moves up.

He still hasn't set the ride height either, which may give more clearance between the rings.
My confusion was that the spring, even with the bottom perch rings all the way down against the ride height ring, gave the spring tension. Right now, as we speak, I hammered the lock washer to the bottom perch and left very little space. I basically had to end up with more that what would be 3 to 5mm worth of compression. So I could have some space at the bottom. It worked out.

What spurred the confusion was I was supposed to screw the retainer nut down finger tight and I was getting compression in the spring doing it finger tight. Wasn't sure at that point if I was supposed to bottom the nut out (which you do) or just finger it till you get spring compression.

Once I knew wht the deal was, I just took the chance on the ride height and measured both spring perch gaps for each side and made sure they were equal. Did the same for the rear.

Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
Poor Randy...can anything ever be easy for you?

I feel like we should change your thread title to Days of much drama!

Good luck getting everything together.
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