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Installed ASP pulley, thermostat, tri-ax shifter and Volant intake (super sealed).

Finished off the last of my pile of mods today. The pulley and thermostat were no big deal, you've installed one, you've installed them all. but the shifter, OMG! This thing was a HUGE pain in the ass. I refused to drop my newly installed exhaust to install this thing and it kicked my ass, but at the end I am glad I did it. The shifter feels AWESOME! The shifts are so short at first I thought something was wrong with my transmission because it wouldn't go into gear, but it was already in gear! I was expecting the shifts to be shorter but this is just amazing.

Now, the Volant intake was stupid cheap but it didn't seal as good as i had hoped. So I went a little overboard with some metallic duct tape. I managed to completely seal off every single sliver of space that engine heat could get in the air box. It looks like there is a little room where I could squeeze some ducting for a small ram air tube. I'll play with that later. The intake seems to have made my exhaust a little louder, which is just sprinkles on top! Also, I had to remove this little bolt that was in the way. I have no clue what it is for but it got in the way of my intake.

Here are some pics.

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