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I took my son to the show on Friday and yes folks, the new Camaro is a work of art. I am not really an orange car buying guy but the IOM is stunning! The batteries were unhooked and someone left the power seat in the IOM car up a little too high but the black car was positioned properly. Some of my observations: the interior definitely envelopes the driver more so than the Mustang or Challenger. Rear footwell and kneeroom is bigger than Mustang (I tried getting into the Challenger but the seat back release was broken) The trunk is as large as the Challenger. I am sure a hockey bag could fit in there no problem. The graining of the Camaro interior surfaces is smaller (denser) than the new Mustang. Whoever said the Mustang quality is better must be a Ford employee because it is total B.S. The sunshades are slim (height wise) and both had very cool sliding mirror covers. Another cool feature that I didn't notice at first was a magnetic clasp for the seatbelt to seat anchor (close to your shoulder). We had to go back a few times to see these cars in real life. There was a lot of positive buzz about this car.
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