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camaro fest for 5GCRGV

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Hey Bro,

Are you still attending the Fest, and if so, are you going to be staying with us in the hotel in Las Cruces. I never got a response from you about the number in your car...

I'm hoping there will be several members of your club come along...

Thanks... and please let me know...

There are lots of updates in the Texans and friends East Thread...
hey buddy sorry i havnt had internet in a while. Last time i checked with the gang 5 of us were going, but havnt heard any talks since then. I know i cant make it after all, work is keeping me grounded. let me check with the rest and get back to you asap.

and thanks 25thann, its my first website so im trying to learn how to do more with it
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