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Well you should learn how to drive a stick no matter what. It will come of use in time. However for it being your first car I would just get a automatic. Reason being is because if your only a teenager while driving it and you need a new clutch.. thats expensive, but I don't know your financial background and if your parents will pay for it lol. Also, I use to have a C4 Vette that was a standard. Believe me, it got to be a pain in stop and go traffic instead of just chilling lol. Don't take this as a biast opinion because its really not, I love standards as far as when I'm riding the car hard. In the end its really just your choice, pick well, and learn how to drive a standard no matter what ;o.

btw I'm 17, turning 18 in twelve days, so I know where your coming from lol.
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sorry guys.. sold Camaro and got a Cadillac CTS, waiting for a few years to get a 2010 SS used ;]
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