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Ok i think i know what the problem is now. I did take it to the dealer but they couldnt replicate it after driving 10 miles fine by me cause they told they did drive it that much. But before i was driving to the dealer i noticed it didnt do it as much as when i first got the car and the first week of driving. It might have been bad gas or just cheap gas cause i filled it up with 89 after the first week prolly still had about 4 gallons of whatever the dealer put it. And this time i put in 93 and it seems to have solved the issue at 45 mph vibration. Im not sayin i should only run 93 just saying they prolly went to a cheape gas station to fill the car up like a wawa or sheets or whatever discount gas place. I fill up at Sunoco or shell or bp top teir only. The service was fine was in and out in about 30 mins shorter time that exspected the only quibble i had was whoever drove the car moved the seat and had left like white powder on the door panel and gear knob.
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