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Originally Posted by Gene Culley View Post
I'm curious as to how this weatherstripping forces the insert to lay a certain way. I thought it was for having the tube lay on top?
Well, does (trying to think of the best way to explain this). The weather stripping forces the light pipe to stay up higher (when behind the dash insert). The light pipe sits against the dash and the insert. I'm sure the weather stripping that is attached to the back of the insert is also sitting against the dash (imagine a triangle with the light pipe forced up into the top of the corner with the weather stripping holding it up there. The higher the weather stripping, the higher the light pipe sits. Eventually, the weather stripping is going to be touching the dash too, right?

Ah hell....I'll remove it and just take pix
Originally Posted by stratman2SSRS View Post
I've got another trick for shimming the trim piece to get the proper gap.
I used clear hockey tape.
I layed layer after layer onto itself kind of like a deck of cards and cut it to the size I needed. About 20 layers was perfect. With the tape I could keep adding layers, or take some away to get the gap thickness right. It cuts easily with a razor blade. The pieces were about 3/4" square.
If a shadow showed up I just trimmed the tape pile smaller.
It worked really good.
I didn't think of taking any pictures, and don't want to tear it apart again, as it looks good and is all back together.
And I know exactly what you are talking about because I did the same exact thing.

The problem I found was that I was taping the problem areas...which led to taping more problem areas that came up due to the first problem areas being taped. Next thing I knew, I had pulled the part out 5 times trying to tape new area behind the insert and it getting to be a pain in the butt.

Using weather stripping from Home Depot has really been the perfect solution thus far. It took me all of 4 minutes to open the package, remove the insert, cut 3 to 4 inch pieces to go between each "rail," and snap it back together against the dash. I had to take off the insert one move all of the weather stripping pieces up to hold the light pipe up higher (which pushed the insert out just enough so that more space was made for more light to come out).
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