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Painted my front/rear bowties/SS badges! Not sure if i like the front bow tie.

Today I spray painted my $45k car, EEK! I am not sure how long these painted parts will last until they start chipping, I am going to order professionally painted parts eventually, but I just wanted to give this a go. I took off the front/rear SS badges and the front bow tie. I didn't want to mess up my rear vinyl so I painted the rear bow tie on the car. I used GM IOM spray paint and the bow ties came from my vinyl kit. I still want to get SS inlays for the badges, black for the front and IOM for the rear.

The front bow tie came off pretty easy, as did the SS badges. The front SS badge looks like crap since i put too much paint on it and the rear SS badge looks like it will chip easy and the chrome will show through. I really like my rear bow tie, but I'm not sure on the front one yet. It just looks weird to me, like it is too big or maybe even cartoony looking. What do you think?

I also painted my engine cover, but I ran out of paint so it doesn't look all that great and to add insult to injury I dropped it while i was taking the tape off of it and scratched it right up front. It ended up looking like crap so I did not take a picture of it.

Today's cost of mods: $15.19
$15.19 GM IOM 6 oz spray touch up paint

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