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Originally Posted by SilverIceman View Post
Yeah, throw the letter opener they give you away and use one of those box cutters.

Give yourself lots of time and you'll do a better job. There's tons of openings on the front bumper, just wrap over them and cut out the openings, leaving enough to overlap the edges. It's not easy covering a rounded, angled object with straight, square wrapping. It'll look like hell when your done cause of the wrinkles and bubbles. But you'll be an expert by the time you get ready for the trip home. (and you won't care what it looks like)
I agree with the coment you wil be an expert by the time you are done. We did our own install of our clear bra and it turned out good for a first timer. It is still on the car almost two years later.

Originally Posted by Ruffian118 View Post
So I applied mine today since I wasn't sure how long it would take. Did hood, roof just above windshield, behind all 4 wheel wells, and gill area.

It did take some time, but was pretty easy to apply. Are there wrinkles? Yes. Contour of body makes it tough for there not to be when installed by a novice. But frankly, I'm not in it as a beauty contest for the trip down. Point is to save the paint from the worst of any rock chips.

Did it by myself as well. Here are some pix:
Great job, some of those pockets of water will disapear with the application of heat (the sun).
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