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V6 TT Kit, quality and a spec sheet that makes you cry

I only want to hear from people that, if the kit I will give a brief about, was offered in the summer, would actually purchase. Ad +1 if you would, could, and will purchase, and also chime in if you would be able to purchase a year or two down the line. Need a estimate on how many kits I can sell in first few months.

the BEST variable geometry turbines
tuning that will give you multiple programs for daily driving, sport, and race for those days you wanna add a dash of trick fuel to the mix and get a little crazy.

Custom designed for this kit intercooler, while a universal may work, if given the option you can't beat vehicle specific designs.

Kit ready to install without any custom work, including your desired tunes set in the programmer, $7000-7500.

Running 8-10 PSI for daily duties with twins that will spool without lag due to VGT, power on demand, reliable, flexible, quality, with a tune that will become the reason TT V6's are the future of a power that doesn't sacrifice the economy.

Just to throw a small bone, at 375-400 RWHP the car would behave as though the set up came from the factory as he standard for those who's only mod will be the turbo kit. For those willing to spend an extra 2-3k to make sure the engine down go boom, 500 rwhp, which at that level there sadly can never be a car that will live a 200k miles life, but it isn't a ticking time bomb, 500rwhp done right for around 10k all said and done will be a 29-31 mpg beast V6 that will be just as reliable , if not mopre then the lowest psi, blown V8 there is, like the ones who only have 6 psi. But wait, I forgot, they have this super power the V^ never will, burn as much fuel as possible on the double.

A transmission upgrade that would be rated to handle being daily driven just like it was before the kit it will also be offered to optimize perforamce and reliability.

Im not gonna dangle a dream, this kit is for myself, but since it's getting done either way, let me know if I should prepare for production, or simply just keep to myself. The only way I can justify the kit is if it makes everyone ask, why are people sill buying the V8 to get an engine with less power, way narrower power band, and 1/2 the mileage, when a V6TT kit still keeps the price below v8 or dead even, but is quicker, gas mileage is on a different level, and plain and simple, will offer more smiles

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