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Originally Posted by in a hurry View Post
Thanks Scotty, You know, I thought about cancelling, ONLY TO RE-ORDER
when it was rite, and get hud, and probably alot of other goodies in a year
or so. I dont haft to be the FIRST on the block to have one(like ALOT of you)

But with the economy and govt. Whose to say this car will be here in a year
or so( especially with the 426 ponies),so with that said, I will go ahead and
take it now. I mean surelly GM wouldnt release a car if it did'nt look rite?

btw, I have not seen 1 person say they would cancel altogether over ABL.
(Felt a need to say this 1 more time!)

O yeh, cancelling altogeter means , not re-ordering later, being done with,
finished, no more maro. just thought I better mention that.
When I said Cancel their order I didn't specifiy if it was a temporary cancellation or permanent. either way the ones behind them will move up the line... I did read a couple posts from some people that said if ABL wasn't going to work like the description And or video said it would that they would cancel their order. Maybe they meant cancel the option (at that time) for the ABL.. I don't know...
Oh well...
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