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I sure am glad that te ABL thing doesn't matter in my situation. I know alot of people were looking forward to the ABL in full, and to some this may be a deal breaker, I certainly hope not though. I think the Camaro is still a Camaro without it, and it was never among the list of reasons I am purcahsing this car, I hope most people don't make there decision on the ABL alone, I think that would be something they would regret doing in the long run, besides I am sure that aftermarket will be able to complete the ABL setup.
To all who are set in
their ways about this ABL, just remember it is a bunch of fancy lights, doesn't impact what Camaro is all about. If you never knew about ABL I bet you still would have ordered. The Camaro rocks with or without ABL. Thanks for the info Scotty! It should calm alot of the anxiety!

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