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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
Official word: There have been many inquiries from customers who saw a very early pre-production photo of the Camaro interior. The photo displayed a blue ambient light traveling across the top of the door panel inserts and on to the dash. This early concept proved to be very popular, and the product team worked on developing a similar feature for the production model. As a result an ambient lighting feature is now a standard condition with the start of production on all 2LT and 2SS models. This light will have a light blue tint with Black, Neutral and Gray interiors, and reddish-orange tint when the Inferno Orange Interior Package is ordered. This feature is only in the door panels and not across the dash as the concept photo originally illustrated. This feature is not an orderable option, but will be included on all 2LT and 2SS models at the start of production. No action is required by the customers or dealers to receive this feature. At the Cleveland Auto Show this weekend, we plan to show an image of how the light is displayed and answer questions. Our goal was to have the look of the early rendering (and it was just a rendering -- never an announced feature), but there were a couple of issues with execution. In the end, a desire to have the highest quality look, fit and feel for the interior won out (which is the way it should be). I know some will be disappointed, but I still think in the end we have the best in class interior.
These announcements are always very carefully worded for specific purposes.

The phrases "very early pre-production photo" and "it was just a rendering -- never an announced feature" were included to negate attempts by anyone seeking any kind of price reduction due to the final ambient lighting feature not being as complete or extensive as the prototypes.

Also note that "an image of how the light is displayed" will be at the Cleveland Auto Show this weekend. Again words carefully chosen for a reason. Do not expect to see this feature function in a Camaro on display (most if not all have their battery disconnected so it doesn't run down when the doors are left open). There will only be "an image" to illustrate the feature.

Just my personal opinion? The 426hp Camaro SS is a fabulous car. The prototype ambient lighting across the doors and dash looked like a terrific extra feature to make it even more special. Just illuminating the doors won't look nearly as good, and may look downright odd with the lighting extending up to the connecting panel on the dash - but that panel not continuing the lighting effect. Like I said, just my personal opinion.
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