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Well, I guess I will be one of the few guys here who aren't so annoyed about this news. Fact is I thought it was quite a cool feature, but wondered how this kind of ambient lighting could impact your driving experience and other safety issues.
I mean, I have always been told that too much lighting in the car at night isn't good because your eyes can't focus as well.
I wear glasses and love driving at night, and believe me : I know that this kind of details sure make your eyes tired.
So, one of the questions I've always wanted to ask about it was the possibility of fading this ambient lighting in or out, making it more discreet or even switching it off if needed.
Now, with the dashboard not beeing lighten, I feel quiet reassured about it anyway. If this switching off is not possible, it's still ok by me.

Another question would be : what lighting color for beige interior ? Is it the one they call "neutral" ? Beige with blue... Quite a weird combination, isn't it ?

And again, sorry for my crappy english

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