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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post
is the bottle warmer necessary for a place like Las Vegas? Should it be on whenever I want to spray, or just when I want to spray in the winter time?

On a full bottle probably not.. but as the bottle starts to get down to a half or lower it comes in useful. N2O is best at about 1,150psi. A full bottle at 90ish degrees for me is getting 950psi. Once the sun goes down and I'm in about the third round of an EFI shootout with only a half bottle left I can't get over 600psi without a bottle warmer.. (600psi isn't even enough to frost the air when I purge.. and would only give me like a 40hp - 60hp jump instead of the 150 I'm jetted for)

As far as when you have it on.. I have mine on whenever my bottle is open. I have the NX automatic heater. It keeps mine at 1,150psi. (just don't ever turn it on with the bottle closed)

On a side note. My Nitto NT05Rs did help with my traction issue.. I'm now launching on the bottle.. I cut a 1.83 60ft and went 9.76 in the 1,000ft. Tried to launch from a higher RPM to get my 60ft into the 1.7x range.. but unfortunatly my passenger side halfshaft disagreed with me... it got replaced this afternoon.
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